Santas Reveal Sweetest Things Children Wanted For Christmas

From the mouths of babes…

Being Santa during the holiday season can be a grueling task. You’ve got screaming kids, disgruntled parents, and little brats to deal with for hours every day. But then those kids come along that are just so excited to be in your presence that it brightens up your weary soul. And then there are times that a child asks you for something that just melts your heart. Sometimes it’s sad, and sometimes it’s just too cute. These Santas have all kinds of stories about what kids really wanted for Christmas.

These Santas couldn’t believe the wishes of these little kids.

From Shallow to Sad

I am Santa 7 days a week from the weekend before Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve. I have heard all kinds of stuff. I had a child ask me for a single stick of gum because his mom wouldn’t allow him to have any. Had a girl ask for a box of Frosted Flakes for the same reason. I’ve had a child ask me to bring her daddy home from Afghanistan. I’ve posed with the portrait of a child who had just passed away a month prior. There have been children who have asked for live chickens and live pigs. One day I really need to write all of these down. One thing I can say, it’s usually never boring. (broberts69)

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