These Vintage Historical Photos Will Blow Your Mind

There are certain moments in history that stay with us. They are the moments when we witness a world champion in the making, a piece of technology that will change our lives forever, or an event that is so beautiful or shocking that we can’t get it out of our minds. These photographers managed to catch some of those moments years before smartphones and digital cameras made it simple to snap every moment in real-time. From a massive snowstorm that basically shut down New York City to the creation of America’s war machines — these photos will really stick with you after you’ve seen them.

Cassius Clay at 12 Years Old in 1954

A very young Cassius Clay, AKA Muhammad Ali, posed for this photo when he was just 12 years old. Ali started his boxing career in a unique way. After someone stole his bike he told a police officer he was going to “whoop whoever stole it.” That policeman wanted to help the young man channel his aggression. He soon introduced the young boy to boxing and the rest is history.

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