This Is What Your Signature Says About Your Personality

The art of reading handwriting has been in practice since ancient times. Handwriting and signatures could reveal a lot about your personality if somebody with a keen eye were to observe. It is also under speculation whether or not writing analysis can be included as a specimen of proof under court cases. Although, it is generally a very reliable source of information regarding a person’s personality but handwriting can have minor changes due to moods or emotional states.

Another branch of handwriting analysis includes testing your signatures. A signature is a more personal method of depicting a person’s writing so it can be relied upon better. Here are some simple examples to test your signature and what it reveals about your personality.

1. A downward slope.

A downward slope in your sign indicates that you’re a very cautious individual, and you often weigh the risks before venturing into a new project. It could also indicate a pessimistic attitude towards life. On the other hand, an upward slope may suggest that you’re ambitious.

2. Only initials

When a person signs only his initials and not anything else, he is a very private person and doesn’t share much of his personal life with anyone else.

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